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TRANSERVETO S.L.U., with the aim of promoting a true culture within the organization in line with its values and principles, has implemented a criminal prevention system in its organization. In addition, it has initiated the necessary actions to promote transparency in its daily work and appropriate treatment among the people who are part of its activities. To do this, it has developed an Equality Protocol, a Code of Conduct, a Criminal Prevention Plan, and various compliance policies that directly affect the company's activities. The purpose of these measures is to effectively prevent crimes within the company's activities, foster transparency in its actions, and promote a work environment free from discrimination, so that all members of society, employees, suppliers, and customers can find the appropriate tools for this purpose.

Thus, the Plan, protocols, and policies function as mechanisms to assist employees and all individuals directly or indirectly related to the corporation's business activities in preventing crimes, as well as promoting a cordial and fair treatment in the workplace. They provide mechanisms to identify reprehensible or criminally punishable behaviors and procedures, whether they occur within the company or its activities, whether committed by employees or third parties.

Furthermore, the objective of this Criminal Prevention Plan is to ensure that the company's intentions regarding actions to be taken in the event of a criminal risk are properly shaped, taking into account legal regulations and the company's legal situation.

To fulfill these commitments, an optimal channel is implemented where members of the company and individuals directly or indirectly related to TRANSERVETO S.L.U. can report any actual or perceived violation of current regulations or unjust situations that may occur in the business and work activities. The purpose is to be able to resolve all conflict situations that may arise.

To file a complaint, any person can access the provided link and submit their complaint, which will remain completely anonymous unless otherwise required by law (such as in cases of reporting harassment, where the complainant must be identified). The complaint will be reviewed by an independent expert who will analyze it thoroughly.

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