Dinsdag, 14 Juli 2020

We maintain our commitment to IRBLleida

At Serveto we maintain our commitment to the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute and, for the eighth consecutive year, we collaborate with disease research.

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Donderdag, 18 Juni 2020

Serveto and the Fundació Barça have distributed more than 500,000 medical devices

Serveto and the Barça Foundation have distributed more than 500,000 protective health products to hospitals and entities during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Donderdag, 30 April 2020

Serveto collaborates with the Fundació Barça to distribute 50,000 masks for medical use

The health material, from China, has been distributed among several hospitals in Catalonia and the Barcelona College of Physicians

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Zondag, 12 April 2020

Serveto collaborates with FC Barcelona to transport 8,000 individual protection equipment in different hospital centers in Catalonia

The Lleida company Serveto, logistics partner of the F.C. Barcelona has been in charge of transporting 8,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) to different hospital centers in Catalonia to help cope with the health emergency caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

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Maandag, 16 Maart 2020

Serveto continues it's activity

As you know, the Covid-19 is complicating the current situation. From SERVETO we want to answer the questions of our clients through the following points

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Maandag, 02 Maart 2020

Serveto increases the fleet to 193 trucks

Serveto increases the fleet with 10 new tractors destined for the National Land Transport service

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