Freitag, 31 Mai 2019

Serveto receives in Scania Brazil in about installations

Serveto, with more than 60 years of experience as a logistics operator, We have been chosen as "The most efficient fleet in Spain" scared part of the Scania portal, an international company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of heavy trucks, buses and diesel engines.
The Scania Members of Brazil visited our headquarters, located in the capital of Segrià, in a visit that consists of a small colloquium, a route through the facilities and a sample of the services we offer.
"The visit of Scania Brasil has been a great opportunity to learn about the operation of other markets and learn from large carriers." José Serveto, Business Director of Serveto.
The meeting served to exchange opinions on the market and observe the differences between business models. We also took the opportunity to explain the Fleet Care project, as a result of the collaboration we have with Scania Spain, which involves a renewal of the tractors every four years to ensure maximum efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
"The experience with Scania Fleet Care was very positive, we achieved a very important optimization of time thanks to super flexibility and the programming of the operations". Sisco Serveto, director of Efficiency and Serveto Service.
The visit of Scania Brazil shows the importance and commitment of Serveto, and places Lleida as the capital in desenvolupament and sustainability.

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