Transporte intermodal

The new business unit with the train itinerary between Perpignan – Calais and Perpignan – Luxembourg, will amplify our service portfolio to our customers in addition to the current services as national & international FTL, export LTL to France and Benelux, Forwarding & Maritime transport and warehousing.

¿What is the intermodal transport?

The intermodal transport is the use of two or more modes to transport goods (vessel, train and road).

What benefits or advantages does intermodal transport offer?
  • Payload increase, with the possibility to load 27 Tn per load equipment.
  • Increase of the competitiveness €/Tn compared to other suppliers in the sector.
  • Decrease of the CO2 print for the environment, reducing around 1,2 Tn of CO2 per transport.
  • We switch the International transport into local transport, what encourages the family and social conciliation life of our drivers.
  • Real Time track & trace visibility.
  • Decrease of the robbery possibilities: Driving most of the time along the railway, we avoid the rest pauses in parkings and we reduce the possibilities of goods theft.
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